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CTO and CoFounder, Co-Founder @Plustxt now acquired by @One97, IITD Grad, Engineer, Entrepreneur, Multiplatform hacker, Product Guy

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Category: clarity

Living the dream

People watch their own photos so much over Facebook. They like seeing them from 3rd person perspective and truly enjoy the person behind the happy moments and empathise with the sad moments. There is another term for it, living the memories. It will be truly amazing if they can start visualizing before living the moments. […]


Stop, step back, relax and answer one question – what is one thing which you are focused for the whole day? Why is it important to you? Is that your goal? If that’s your goal, have you craved enough for that goal? If the goal has success path, do you know what do you want […]

The Droid Age

Translation of the wisest words I think I will ever hear or read.   Surely we will create droids one day who will serve us everything we think we desire Surely we will make their body look like us, and then make them pixel perfect Surely we will put mind to them, to act according to situation […]

I am perfect?

When I am happy for I am perfect is the pivot when I became imperfect As perfect is perfect only to imperfect For the perfect, its just being me And its only the one who is not real I who in duality is in delusion I am perfect

Favourite Food

And again I am asked, about my favourite food Blessed me smile, in no search of answer For if there is an answer, I open those gates Those gates of stupidity, for favourite was past Tasteless I seek, the next taste to come For whatever I am served, is the magic of nature


And I want to go across the ocean And look for a seat by the garden as now And pick up a book like one I am reading now Go through some pages and keep thinking on those As I am just doing And then I will think What has changed has always been same […]