Gaetan Dugas Strategy for viral marketing – Presentation template

Before you go and read the presentation template, please note:

  • I do not intend to present a strategy to spread HIV, but to learn from Gaetan Dugas case study
  • Guiding Principle: Any viral campaign needs a good virus, humans who will carry, an easy medium to give to others and a perfect environment for the medium
  • Product is good or bad is not discussed here (AIDS for users is bad, in this case)
  • My aim is just to present a template which can help you draft a viral strategy for your product


Dear entrepreneur, making money is easy !

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If you are really hurt by reading the title and planning to share this with “wtf”, please hold on and read more. You might be struggling from last 2-3 years building an ROI positive company and the title might be insulting. But let me tell you, you are the most respected person in my and article’s eye, for you are still pursuing the dream and this article is probably for you only apart from others who are planning to startup or even those who have already built an ROI positive company meeting targets they always wanted.

This is a story involving Sally and Amanda who are very good friends since childhood. Amanda’s father is very rich but she is married to a not so poor guy and has preferred to not take any help from her father. She misses being rich though. Sally and Amanda have ritualized daily yoga in Sally’s garden after husbands of both leave for work. They are discussing about entrepreneurship as Sally’s husband is thinking of quitting job and starting up an e-commerce company. Amanda is moved by the idea that even high salaried people are quitting job to get time for building their business where she is forced to be free for the whole day, apart from preparing amazing food she is fond of. She is disturbed, yet thinking positively out of the thoughts invoked in her. She is thankful for the conversation.  

How To's

How to use laptop – good posture practices

I have been developing a back pain lately. Two days vacation at Wayanad with absolutely zero back pain made me realize it was bad working posture. I work on a laptop which adds up to the problem since there are absolutely no zero stress working positions using laptop. Really liked two videos in this context.


Looking for a product manager for your startup? Find a conflict manager

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A startup is an experiment turned to a company designed to grow fast and achieve the purpose it was intended to serve in its lifecycle. So, if you call your company a startup, you are always trying to make your experiment succeed and turn it into a viable business. So far so good, you saw an opportunity in a space, you worked out an idea to turn that opportunity into business, you got the first product delivered, you raised little money to keep going and now you suddenly realize you would need a Product Manager since everything is growing so fast that it is becoming impossible for you to spend 24×7 of your time thinking and working on your product and even if you are doing so, you require a more dedicated person who is meant only for this job.


Hello world!

Hello World! Getting started with my blog deleting my previous entries. As I am writing this blog post, following logical questions came to my mind


Why should I write another blog?

I have always dreamt of writing a book once I grow old. My blog can be my first step to publish quality content for getting started. I need to write this blog also for I have discovered I retain more of things once I share it with others. Thirdly, I really get high on seeing impact happening to even one reader / listener / user 🙂 . Would get satisfaction while I share things even if it helps a single individual.


Why anyone should be reading my blog?

I would like to focus mainly on sharing my experiences, learnings and thoughts inspired from work and life. Hope it helps :).