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Productivity Tip: Say it and Just do it (don’t just do it)

Don’t just do it, say it and just do it. The biggest productivity tip has always been to focus on what you are doing. But thats not as simple as it sounds like. With connected information age, we are surrounded by millions of distraction already while we are working. People are trying to multi task but thats the biggest stress builder for day-to-day life. Key is to keep doing single task till completion or as per planned and then to move on the next task. Starting to do something or doing while you are already doing something impacts productivity a lot. Just do it is a good approach but you have got to make yourself strong to not do thing B while you are doing thing A.

Productivity tip is to just silently tell to yourself that you are doing this for next 25 minutes or till completion and focus on doing that. Then saying yourself what else I got to do, picking the next task, saying to you that do this and then just keep doing it. Have been trying this with myself and extremely happy with this mind technique. Not to mention, relaxes a lot while working too.

In case you are a programmer or spend most of your time working on your machine, focus booster (on Mac) or any Pomodore softwares are best to use. Just keep Pomodore tab opened. Whenever you are doing any work, just tell yourself you are doing this and do that for 25 minutes or till you do it.

Let me know if this works for you and boosts your productivity.

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